I have scoured many a home store and kitchen store to find just a normal square potholder.  They are not easy to find.  Nowadays, they have rectangular ones with rubber underneath and hand mitts.  Plus, the ones at the stores are expensive.  I decided with my new-found talent in crochet to make some for the house.  I once again browsed youtube until I found out the basics on how to make one. Here is my own version.


Here’s the basics:

Chain 30, sc in the 2nd hole from the hook and continue to do a sc in each stitch.  When you get to the end, do not turn your work, just sc in a circle around the bottom.  Continue to sc until the pot holder forms a sort of pocket.  Once the potholder is the right size, fold it over and sew the seam with a long tail from your work.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures along the way.  I will update the next time I make some and post more helpful instructions.