This past Mother’s Day, I decided to make a special gift for all the mothers I knew. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with flowers. This crocheted orchid was not nearly as hard as it seemed and everyone adored their gifts.

Orchid 3

The tricky part of this project is the super-thin yarn and incorporating wire in the petals so they hold their shape.

For this project I used:

  • Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread – Superfine in White and Yellow
  • Size I (1.75) Crochet Hook
  • 20 Gauge Beading Wire
  • Green Floral Tape
  • Bambo Skewer (to hold the flower up)
  • 6″ Terra Cotta Pot
  • 1 Block of Green Foam (fills bottom of pot and holds the skewer and wire in place)
  • Panacea Moss Roll

I wish I had the pattern to post here, but I learned this project from a video. I’ve posted the links below.

How to crochet an orchid – Part 1

How to crochet an orchid – Part 2

Orchid 4

Hope you find this project as fun as I did. Happy crafting!