Here are some more examples of diaper cakes.  This time geared toward a boy.  I had a co-worker who’s husband was really into Rock and Roll, thus the 1st themed cake.  The second was for one of my bosses who just recently had her baby boy.

IMAG0131 IMAG0130 IMAG0128

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I don’t have the poem that goes with the Rock Star cake, but here is the one that with the dog themed cake.


A cute simple cake I’ve made just for you.

What’s inside? I’ll give you a clue.

42 diapers make up this cake.

Bibs to prevent messes he’ll make.

Cute little outfits for baby to wear

And tiny stuffed toy in case there’s a scare.

Lotion and bottles for baby to feed

And 2 little pacifiers if ever the need.

A bonus for your bundle of joy,

A cute rubber ducky baby bath toy.

A dainty sun hat to protect little eyes

And now the cake is just the right size.

 So I present it to you to help you prepare,

This cake that was made with tender loving care.